How Do I Turn On My Solar System?

    A certified Arizona Solar Solutions technician will turn on the system for the first time once permission has been given from your utility. Should you ever need to re-start it, please follow these steps.

    Move the solar breaker to the “ON” position, make sure that any external DC or AC disconnects are also on the “ON” position, finally move the inverter switch into the “ON” position. Depending on your inverter type, instead of “ON” you may have an on-line sign such as “I” (like a roman numeral 1).

    How Do I Know If My Solar System Is Working Properly?

    You can verify the solar energy production via your monitoring system or by reading the energy production levels directly from the inverter screen.

    Will My Solar System Work at Night?

    No. Sunlight must be present for the system to generate electricity. At night the inverter displays a blank screen.

    Will My Solar System Work On Cloudy Days?

    Yes. However, it will produce less electricity depending on the density of the cloud cover.

    Will My Solar System Work During Blackouts?

    Safety requirements prohibit the system from producing electricity during blackouts since there is a chance the solar system could feed electricity into the electric grid while workers are accessing it. The system will restart automatically when power is restored.

    Why Should I Limit Shading From Trees?

    The entire surface of a solar panel must receive full sunlight for the panel to work at its peak efficiency. If any portion of the panel is shaded, the entire panel’s electrical output — even those sections still exposed to sunlight — decreases.

    How Long Will a Solar System Last?

    The quality of materials, workmanship and power output protects your system for decades to come. Arizona Solar Solutions continually researches the solar industry and solar product manufacturers to ensure the highest quality product reaches your rooftop and produces the most energy.

    What Are Solar Cells and Solar Panels?

    A solar, or photovoltaic (PV), cell is the smallest element of a system that converts sunlight into electricity. Each cell is made of silicon, the same material found in computer chips. 
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