The Monitoring System Basics

    The Monitoring System provides detailed visibility into the system’s performance, enabling you to monitor your solar energy information anytime, anywhere. Depending on options in your solar installation, you may be able to track performance online and on a wireless iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, or Android mobile device.

    In order for your Arizona Solar Solutions to properly monitor the operation of your system, it must be installed to their Monitoring System and your home LAN at all times. Monitoring enables the Technical Support team to determine if your system is performing as expected and whether or not your inverter(s) are fully operational. If you experience a problem with your home network, you may want to contact your internet provider.


    Your monitoring equipment must be connected to a high-speed internet connection for the monitoring system to display data. To view your home’s system performance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, visit your monitoring provider’s website and follow the registration instructions. Once you’ve registered, simply enter your email address and password when you visit the site.  We’re here to help, and if you are experiencing any difficulties with the registration process or need the providers information for you solar system monitoring, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team at 602 283 2975.

    INTUITIVE MONITORING WEBSITE (available with some installation options)

    The Monitoring System provides convenient access to your solar system’s performance from any computer connected to the Internet. After the system is installed and commissioned, log in to view your energy production and environmental savings. You can see how much solar power you are currently producing, review historical energy production, track the overall performance of the system and system components, as well as create reports. You will also see how much you’ve benefitted the environment over the lifetime of your solar system.


    If you have technical questions about the Monitoring System please call our technical support team at:  602 283 2975

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