• The Solar Panel


    Your solar panels’ unique design and technology are designed and built for higher efficiency, allowing them to convert the maximum amount of available sunlight into electricity. Though they are effectively maintenance free, it is recommended that you take certain precautions to keep the system operating at its optimal level.


    Your solar panels should be shade free: trees, plants, or other obstructions (including rooftop antennas or satellite dishes) should be removed if possible. If necessary, safely trim any vegetation that might shade the panels during daylight hours.


    Solar panels do not generally require cleaning to meet your system’s annual energy expectations. Seasonal rains are usually enough to adequately clear any soil or dust that might accumulate. Arizona Solar Solutions designed your solar system to take into account the typical soil accumulation for your area. If excessive soiling occurs, or if you would like to try improving annual system output beyond what is typically expected, you can clean your panels by spraying them from the ground with a standard garden hose. Only spray the panels early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is very low on the horizon or not directly visible at all.

    Avoid spraying the panels when the sun is at its peak and allow the panels to cool before spraying them. Spraying cold water on a hot panel could result in panel damage, voiding the product warranty and violating the terms of your lease agreement.

    To maximize the solar energy improvement from cleaning, try performing the cleaning during the summer months and in between natural rainfall cycles. Do not use abrasive cleaners or anything that could scratch the surface of the panels. Arizona Solar Solutions offers professional panel cleaning.  Contact your sales person or call us if you wish to learn more.

    It’s not necessary to go onto your roof for panel cleaning or inspection and we strongly recommend you not do so. If you choose to go on your roof, please take all safety precautions and do not touch or disturb the panels or wiring. It is important to remember that only an Authorized Partner should repair or touch system components. Please remind anyone going on your roof that they should not disturb the panels or wiring. Do not use mirrors or any other objects to concentrate sunlight on panels. Doing so will void your warranty.

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