The Safety Basics

    Your solar system is fully automatic and comes with built-in safety features. Do not attempt to work on, alter, or repair the system; doing so could expose you to dangerous electrical currents and void manufacturer warranties.

    Do not attempt to service any portion of the system. Only a trained and certified professional should service the system.

    It’s not necessary to go onto your roof for panel cleaning or inspection and we strongly recommend you not do so. If you choose to go on your roof, please take all safety precautions and do not touch or disturb the panels or wiring. It is important to remember that only an Authorized Partner should repair or touch system components.

    Please remind anyone going on your roof that they should not disturb the panels or wiring.

    Do not step on the panels or allow objects to fall on the panels.

    Do not disassemble or remove any part of the system. This will void manufacturer warranties.

    Small children and pets should be kept away from the inverter.


    Should there be a fire, explosion, gas leak, system damage, or fuel spill around the system components, dial 911 first, then shut down the system immediately by turning your inverter off. Please check your inverter manual to learn how to turn off your specific model inverter.

    Use your best judgment when shutting off the inverter during an emergency. If the emergency requires you seek safety immediately, do so first and then alert emergency personnel to the inverter’s location in your home. For assistance in restarting your system after an emergency, please contact Arizona Solar Solutions at 602 283 2975.

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