• Unbeatable Solar Financing

    As Arizona's largest in-state solar service provider, we've built relationships with the best financial partners in the industry.

    Our Goal is to not only provide the absolute best solar financing options in the valley, but to make sure you understand those options, are comfortable with the choices you make and get the most for your solar investment.

    With the financing options available through Arizona Solar Solutions, you truly do get More Solar for Less

    Solar Leasing : Save up to 30% or more with no up-front costs
    No down-payment, no installation costs, nor worries about maintenance or repair sound good to you? Arizaona Solar Solutions has the valley's most flexible leasing options - learn more here.

    Solar Loans : Save up to 65% or more with 12 & 20 year residential solar loans
    With a new 2.99% 12-year residential solar loan you can save up to 53% more vs. traditional solar leasing - learn more here.

    Best Price Guarantee : Arizona's best price per kilowatt-hour, guaranteed!

    Go ahead... Shop around.  If we can't beat any competitors' bottom-line cost per kWh, we'll give you $50 just for listening to us.  Click here to learn more.

    The main options for solar financing are:

    • A Solar Lease
      This option is offered by many solar companies. An advantage is that you can get a solar energy system with no money down and you start saving on your electric bills immediately. Also, since the solar leasing company is the owner of the solar panels, they are usually responsible for monitoring power output and performing any necessary repairs. When the lease is over you usually have the option of extending the lease or having the solar panels removed.
    • Energy Efficient Mortgages
      This is a federal government program available in the United States that enables people to get a mortgage for making energy efficiency improvements to their home. Since the loan is insured by the federal government, it can work for people who would otherwise not be able to acquire financing.
    • Power Purchase Agreement
      A power purchase agreement (PPA) is similar to a solar lease in that a company owns and maintains the solar panels on your roof. The difference is that instead of making a monthly lease payment, you purchase the power produced by the panels at a preset rate.
    • Local Government Loans
      Some municipalities will lend you money to install solar panels and allow you to pay the loan back through an increase in property taxes. If you decide to move, the solar panels stay with the house and the new owner takes over the property tax payments.
    • Bank Loans
      As mentioned earlier, many banks are now willing to offer loans for the purchase of a solar power system. These loans can be secured (usually by the equity in your home) or unsecured. The loan may even be tax deductible. Banks are also finding that more homeowners also want to own their solar panel systems – hence the rise in loans available in order to meet the demand.
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