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    Frequently Asked Solar Financing Questions:

    Isn’t solar really expensive to purchase and install? It saves money on energy in the long term but what about the up-front costs – aren’t they prohibitive?

    These are questions that most homeowners ask. Many people love the idea of solar. They know it is better for the environment and that they will save money on their utility bills but they have heard that installing solar can be quite costly. In fact, rebates and tax credits can lower the cost by up to 50% or more!

    What are some examples of rebates or incentives available to me as a homeowner?

    There is a wide array of available funds to assist with residential solar energy installations. For example, the State of Arizona offers a 25% tax credit on up to $4000 worth of solar devices installed on a residence. Rebates by city vary but if you live in the City of Phoenix, you could receive up to $1525 in rebates for energy efficient improvements to your home. Your utility company also offers incentives. APS will give you an up-front incentive of up to $.20/watt for grid tied photovoltaic solar panels and up to $1.50/watt for off grid. Finally, the federal government allows you to deduct 30% of your solar system costs through what is called an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when you file your taxes.

    Do all solar installers offer the same level of solar financing assistance?

    It can be confusing to determine what credits are available, who offers the credits or rebates, and how to obtain them. This is a very important consideration for homeowners when choosing their solar system installer. Arizona Solar Solutions prides itself on our knowledge of financing and leasing options, rebates, incentives, and what will work best for our clients. Arizona Solar Solutions provides homeowners with consultants who will know what solar rebates you qualify for and will help you obtain what you are due. Most solar system installation companies offer a free consultation to help you determine where your home is energy inefficient. Arizona Solar Solutions goes that extra step to include information on what your savings from rebates and incentives will be. Make sure that the company you select is knowledgeable and thorough and can assist you in this process. Arizona Solar Solutions is the smart choice for homeowners seeking the best value in service, return on investment, and overall customer satisfaction.

    So, once all the rebates and incentives are figured in, solar is not that expensive at all and the savings that you realize in the long run will pay for the system itself. Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing that you are helping the environment by using a clean and renewable energy for your home!

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