• Arizona's Most Flexible Solar Leasing Options

    Flexible 20 and 25-Year Solar Leases

    Arizona Solar Solutions offers super-simple, super-flexible 20 and 25-year lease options.  With absolutely no money down and no up-front installation costs, you can start saving up to 30% or more on your monthly electric costs right away.

    Save up to 30% or more on your electricity costs with no up-front costs and no installation costs.

    Current Monthly Electric Bill
    New Monthly Electric Bill
    + Lease Payment

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    Arizona Solar Panel Finance ImageStress-Free Solar Leasing

    • No Money Down
    • No Installation Costs
    • Save up to 30% or more right away
    • No Worries About Maintenance or Repairs

    Solar leasing is a stress-free financing option that allows you to start saving on your electric costs right away and is offered by many solar companies. One of the main advantages of leasing solar is that you can get a complete solar energy system with no money down, no installation costs and you can start saving on your electric bills immediately.

    Because the leasing company owns the solar panels on your roof, they are usually responsible for monitoring power output and performing any necessary maintenance or repairs. At the end of your lease, you usually have the option of extending the lease or having the entire solar energy system removed from your home.

     With approved credit
    ††  Prices not guaranteed.  Rounded figures based on sample data.  Actual figures may vary
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