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    12 & 20 Year Residential Solar Loans

    Arizona Solar Solutions has Arizona's best solar purchase options with both 12 & 20 year residential solar loans. Nobody else in town has the purchasing options that we do, guaranteed.

    Qualifying buyers can save up to 65% on electricity costs:

    Current Monthly Electric Bill
    New Monthly Electric Bill + Lease Payment
    New Monthly Electric Bill + Loan Payment

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    Owning solar has never been a more attractive option. By matching the right technology with the best financing packages on the market, Arizona Solar Solutions has been able to bring the best fixed rate residential solar loans to the Arizona marketplace.
    In order to provide this service to our clients, Arizona Solar Solutions has partnered with numerous manufacturers who offer the best technology on the market. Mage Solar, for example, offers an industry leading 30-Year, 80% power generation guarantee on their solar panels.  Guaranteed and long term solar power production is an important consideration for financial institutions.

    Meanwhile, home equity loan products are beginning to take into account the value the solar energy system adds to your home into their cumulative loan to value ratio (CLTV) calculations. This means more people would qualify for a loan with these products. To learn more about how purchasing solar as an investment in your home, click here.

    By taking advantage of current trends in the financial markets and matching those with guaranteed solar production from solar panel manufacturers, Arizona Solar Solutions has pioneered fixed financing rates for solar residential purchasing.  

     With approved credit
    ††  Prices not guaranteed.  Rounded figures based on sample data.  Actual figures may vary
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