• Fronius IG Plus PV Inverter
    The first complete solution. Reliable. Proven. Smart.

    An outstanding addition to the family: The next generation Fronius IG Plus inverter builds on a successful model with multiple enhancements, including maximum power harvest, a built-in six circuit string combiner, integrated, lockable DC Disconnect, signifi cantly improved effi ciency, and unbeatable reliability. New, larger power stages expand the proven Fronius IG family from 2 to 12 kW in a single inverter.

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  • Maximum Earnings Security

    Get the most power out of every ray of sunlight. This is achieved through a complex interaction of different factors:

    Three efficiency peaks. Greater power harvest for every system size: The unique automatic transformer switching function of the Fronius IG Plus enables not one, but three equal efficiency peaks. The result: Consistently high efficiency over a wide input voltage range. In comparison: The efficiency of inverters without transformer switching declines steadily with an increasing input voltage.

    MIX™ Concept. Get the maximum power harvest out of partial load ranges, e.g. on cloudy days, through a clever combination of multiple power stages in each inverter. The power stages in Fronius inverters divide up the work depending on operating hours and only operate as many power stages as required to efficiently process available power from the PV array.

    Module Manager™. The Module Manager™ keeps all Fronius IG Inverters at the maximum power point (MPP) with fast and exact MPP tracking, ensuring that you get the most power out of each ray of sunlight. This is especially important for amorphous modules whose MPP can be more challenging to track.

    Market Leader. With a 96.2 % peak efficiency, the Fronius IG Plus inverter has the highest efficiency among high frequency inverters. 

    Highest Reliability

    The Fronius development team has tested every detail of the design, ensuring that the Fronius IG Plus line of inverters will provide exceptional performance under all conditions.

    Smart Ventilation Design. Disruptive ambient factors such as biological infestations, dust, moisture, or coastal salt air stay outside the new Fronius IG Plus Inverters away from the circuitry. How: Cool air is drawn in through a filter screen on the back of the inverter and routed through a closed channel over the heat sink. This prevents contact between outside air and the circuit boards while cooling the inverter components ensuring the inverter operates consistently. All circuit boards are also dipped in Conformal coating to provide an added measure of protection.

    Failsafe. You can rely on Fronius inverters. In the rare event that a power stage fails, the others will continue to operate. Once the replacement power stage is delivered, it can be quickly and easily replaced by a service technician, without having to dismantle the entire inverter. The wiring box, including all cabling, configurations and data (such as kWh production) remains on the wall, while your service technician removes two screws, exchanges the power stages, and within five minutes the inverter is repaired.

    Longlasting Durability. The MIX™ concept increases the lifespan of the inverter. While several power stages divide up the operating hours, the new ventilation design keeps them cool, improving efficiency and lifespan. To ensure unsurpassed performance and long life, Fronius only uses the highest quality name brand components available.

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