• Solar Inverter Products

    Conventional String Converters: These traditional converters (known as string converters) are generally a single unit mounted to the side of your home.  DC power from the solar panels is collected as a whole and converted in one unit.

    Microconverters:  Micorconverters are mini inverters that are generally are attached or integrated directly into each individual solar panel.  Each microconverter then converts the DC current supplied by the solar panel at the source, and collected as a whole for energy use.

    Power Optimizers: Power optimizers are used to isolate each panel output in order to maximize overall solar production.  

    Choosing the Right Solar Inverter

    Inverter technology is a continually evolving field.  The main function of the inverter is to convert the DC current supplied by solar panels to required residential AC current.  Most inverter manufacturers offer additional features which can impact system performance, reliability, safety and overall system aesthetics.  

    For example, some manufacturers offer some level of diagnostics and on-line monitoring of your system which is instrumental in optimizing overall system performance.  Other solar manufacturers offer low voltage or \"microinverters\" which work independently from one another and prevent system downtime as well as increased overall solar system production.  

    Arizona Solar Solutions continues to monitor the solar industry very closely and provide our clients with a choice of products that will satisfy their needs for years to come.  Inverter consideration factors include:

    • Overall Solar System Performance
    • Safety
    • Realiability
    • Budgets
    • Financing Programs
    • System aesthetics
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