• Choosing The Right Solar Panel

    Solar panels are an integral part of any solar system and picking the right panels for your home is crucial to overall system performance. Arizona’s Solar Solutions takes a systematic approach in determining the right solar panels for your home. We start with an in home estimate and consider numerous factors to include:

    • Solar Production Requirements: Arizona Solar Solutions designers are experts at helping you determine the exact power requirements you need for you home and budget.
    • Available Mounting Space: This is an important element in determining the required panel efficiency ratings.
    • Orientation: Optimizing solar panel production requires expertise in mounting of panels to produce the highest gain for your investment.
    • Shade: Our consultants will recommend strategies and installation designs to minimize loss of solar production due to trees, obstructions, and other shade producing elements.
    • Budgets and financing: Manufacturer warranties and solar power production schedules vary greatly, and finding the right manufacturer for your budget or finance plan is an integral part of an overall solar solution.

    Choosing the right solar panel is not as intimidating as it sounds when you work with Arizona Solar Solutions. We continually researches the best solar technologies to ensure we have the right panel for any application.

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