• Mage Solar Panel: 240 / 6 PH

    Three Full Decades of Power - Guaranteed

    • Mage offers a 30-Year, 80% Solar Power Guarantee, you can be assured top-solar production for 3 decades
    • V Industry leading 12 Year, 90% Solar Power Guarantee

    High Efficiency Modules when Value Most

    • Only positive tolerances of up to +5 watts ensure maximum power without compromise
    • V Simple compatibility with any of our inverter partner products to achieve maximum system output

    Quality Tested, Service Assured

    • Certified by the most rigorous US and International standards
    • V 10-Year Product Warranty
    • V Built to withstand even the most harsh conditions

    Flexible Design

    • Ideal for all rooftops and ground mount installations
    • V Easily connected to the grid or used in off-grid scenarios
    • V Suitable for use on ungrounded PV arrays
    • V Allows for string size up to 1000 V, which can reduce cost
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